Asalamualaykum lovelys 🙂
Sister Fatima Wise is a fellow Hijabi and fashion blogger from Cape Town ,South Africa .I simply love her style as well as her lookbook  and her content on her blog and wanted to know more about this awsome blogger ,read below for my interview with Fatima of  the blog memrsme   🙂 …
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# Please tell us a little about you  ?

I am I would say, first and foremost a muslimah, a mother, wife and sister. Professionally, I’m a graphic designer and photographer. Oh and let me not forget to mention scarf wearing blogger!


#why did you decide to start a blog?

I am sure that all hijabi’s can a test to the fact that deciding to wear the hijab is in no way an easy task and just as we each have our won personality and individuality. The problems we face along this journey may be similar in some way but are very much unique to each of us. My decision to wear hijab came with the difficulties of trying to figure out how to still be fashionable and wear the hijab. I also very much needed my husband to appreciate how I looked in hijab. This then made me do some research on hijab fashion where I found many inspirational women and bloggers. It never occurred to me to blog at all, until a few people suggested it. I was still not keen but a good friend of mine kept pushing the idea on me. I met a blogger and asked her opinion on blogging. What she told me made me think it not a bad idea at all. I was keen on inspiring women and so my memrsme was born. The blog has thus far also kept me from being too lazy with my hijab, which I can safely say is a good thing!

# what is your definition of Hijab?

Hijab is not only the covering of your hair, but to also to dress modestly, act modestly, reserve judgement, speak modestly, be kind and just be the best person you can be to all and in all situations.


# Who or what inspired you to wear hijab?

To be honest it was no one thing or person that inspired me to wear Hijab. It was in the month of Ramadaan when most women in South Africa out of respect and mere closeness to Allah in this holy month, don the hijab. It was then, I believe that Allah gave me the Hidayah to not remove the scarf after ramadaan as most of us do. I was lucky enough to also have a few women close to me who also started wearing hijab which only solidified my decision. It was only after the decision to start wearing it did I research and find all these other hijabi bloggers whom has Alghamdulliah inspired and helped me tremendously on this journey. May Allah reward them all insha Allah!


# Do people often look at you differently because you wear a hijab

Yes! Honestly, since I started wearing hijab I find that more and more people have been looking at me. I am not entirely sure why that is, although perhaps it I may just be that I am more aware of myself. I do believe tough that Hijab brings about a completely new beauty within you, I am not entirely sure if it’s beauty per say but its a beauty only a hijabi can understand, maybe that’s why?

# do you follow trends or compile your own?

 I try but hardly do compile my own ‘trends’. I totally admire those that do though. I mostly go with what I like an what looks good on me may it be trending or not.
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# what makes your dress sense different from others?

Ha ha! I am not sure to be honest. I guess my individual personality and the fact that I like to be comfortable. I love to wear heals and feel lady like. But I can feel just as good wearing flats and being comfy. So many women out there have killer style. It’s there personalities thar shine through in their dress sense that is after all “style”!
#Is there any Particular hijabi youtuber or Blogger that inspires you?
Oooh! There are so, so many! Dina Tokio – for her laid back style, Aminaken – for her femininity and elegance, Nura Afia for her take that! this is me! She is also beyond amazing with her make up artistry, Yazthespaz – always on point and gorgeous, The hijabblog – for her flowing and voluminous style, Ascia akf – for her trendy and hip style, I particularly love how she styles her neck pieces, and honestly I could go on and on…
#What are your Goals ?
As far as my goals are concerned? I would very much like to start a memrsme clothing and scarf line. I think though that here in SA there are so many great lines coming up that I might just be out of my league. I do however enjoy styling people’s scarves and have just recently done a few Bridal hijab’s, so a scarf line might work for me. I am really passionate about my photography and I would very much like to see it reach new heights in sha Allah. It’s an amazing field to be in that just allows you to continue to learn. And… if all goes well and when I am finacially able, I’d like to learn more about the Deen in order open up a Madrassah. Which will purely be a labor of love!
Thanks you so much sister Fatima ,I really enjoyed reading  your reply and am soo thrilled i came across your blog :).To view sister Fatima”s blog click the link below 🙂 you can follow her on twiter as well as on facebook.
Madame Dija