Sowsan Is a South African based hijab company And is a brand that offers a range of exclusive designer stretch scarves for the unique yet stylish Muslimah.

I love having a variety of hijabs (headscarves) be it stretch or cotton as well as trying different styles ,I was really chuffed to be introduced to the Sowsan scarves Facebook page by my Cousin Ayesha who sang the praises of the Sowsan team,so I decided to check the page out and became a fan immediately of their stylish designer hijab range.I also really loved the name of the brand “Sowsan” which was rather unique and is of Arabic origin, meaning ‘Lily of the Valley’

The scarves are all custom made and what is even more amazing is that each season they come up with a different range keeping in mind colour and print trends as well as updating the styles.Each scarf is embroided with their logo and I simply love the diamantes around the logo,it gives the hijab a personal touch.The Hijabs are soft and really comfy perfect for the British cold as well as the summers here in thee UK and does not require many pins (just one in fact).Personally my hijabs never tend to stay put,I have to literally use many pins but with the Sowan hijab I just added one pin and the hijab stayed on thee entire day 🙂 yay(you can also view their you tube channel)

I will be really honest its not only the amazing scarves that keeps the customers happy it’s the personality of the team ,I got a chance to meet them this year when i went down to South Africa for a Holiday at thee Hartly fair and they recognized me immediately ,I also felt like I knew the team for a long time. sister Sumaiaya and aunty Shereen were really helpful I purchased some awsome head bands along with some trendy scarves and was also gifted a stunning hijab by the team which i simply love :).

Below is a hijab i was gifted by my mom ,Its just too stunning and the print is so versitile that it can be worn in Summer or Winter


Below is the Stunning Yellow hijab I was gifted 🙂 just love the pop of yellow …..


My perfect combo coral lippie from Avon(gifted by my sister ) and my hijab I purchased from Sowsan which is perfect for winter


Below Is the Sowsan snood and whats lovely about this hijab it comes with a printed headband and thee snood can be draped in many ways


Sowsan Scarves launched a new hijab supporting Palestine and a portion of the profit per hijab will be donated to Palestine . So far Alhamdulilah they have sold many hijabs and managed to raise a lot for Palestine, if you are interested in purchasing your Palestine inspired hijab contact the sowsan team (details below )



You can follow Sowsan scarves on Facebook as well as on instagram @SowsanScarves or you can email them on